Game Design Camp - Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag is a game where two teams face off against each other, trying to steal the opponents’ flag while protecting their base that contains their flag. The goal is to bring the flag of the opposing team back to your base while successfully protecting your own.

For today’s exercise, you’ll be working in a group of 3 to build a Capture the Flag arena. Each group of 3 will create half of one CTF arena, which means you will need to work with the other group to make sure the arena is fair and balanced for both teams. REMEMBER: The goal is not to have a stronger or better side of the arena; instead, you should make your arena as equally balanced as possible.

Make sure that your arena meets all of the following requirements:

  • Each side must have an obtainable flag that the other team must get in order to win.
  • Each team should build around their flag to best protect it using the knowledge they have gained from Dungeon Design and Ender Golf.
  • Both sides should come to an agreement about the rules of what should and should not be allowed.
  • Teams should work together and communicate to build in their limited space provided.

As with Dungeon Design, you should give the players choice. In this case, it may mean giving players multiple options to navigate the arena, or it might mean giving players different options for weapons and armor. Make sure that both groups agree on which items and rules are allowed and which ones are not.

After all the groups have had a good amount of time to work on the arenas (roughly 20-25 minutes) we will stop in order to run a practice game. This will serve as the testing for the arenas. After playing a practice CTF match, both teams will discuss together what things should be changed or fixed, and the groups will return to the building phase in order to improve their areas.


Check out this video I made to help you get started on Capture the flag!


Highlights from week 1 game design camp:

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