Game Design Camp #2 - Dungeon Design


Welcome to Dungeon Design! Pair up with a partner to work on this minigame. The challenge is to build a dungeon room that connects the start door and the end door. Adventurers will need to navigate the obstacles and traps you create and arrange in the dungeon. Players will not have any items when they start the dungeon, so if a specific item is required to complete the dungeon, you will have to provide it to the player somewhere in the dungeon.

Please do not spawn mobs for today’s exercise.

The following link contains some ideas for dungeon traps. Feel free to look at them and use them, or you can come up with your own traps!

As with Ender Golf, during the dungeon building you should occasionally stop to test what you have so far. This will help to quickly identify any problems that may arise so that you can fix them sooner.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should give the player choice. Allow the player multiple ways to bypass your traps to finish the game instead of just one.

And finally, your dungeon should be easy to reset. For instance, TNT explosions and water/flooding are not preferable because they will take much longer to clean up and reset than a trap such as an arrow dispenser or a chest containing an item.

Happy dungeon building!

Week of 6/27 - Game Design Camp


Highlights from week 1 game design camp:

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