Game Design Camp #1 - Ender Golf



Welcome to Connected Camps Game Design! In this camp, we’re going to be using the design process to create games within Minecraft. Your first challenge is to play and design an Ender Golf course!

How to Play Ender Golf

First things first is to learn how to play Ender Golf and to try it out. Ender Golf is simple, it has just a few rules:

  1. Start on the green area
  2. You may only throw ender pearls to move
  3. Land in the hole with the beacon to win
  4. Each ender pearl you use counts as a “stroke”
  5. Try to win with the least strokes possible

You can get Ender Pearls near spawn by right-clicking this sign:

We have three Ender Pearl holes set up for you to try. After you win a hole, leave some feedback by adding a block to one of these 3 stacks: “Too Easy,” “Just Right!,” or “Too Hard.” Which difficulty level do you think is the most fun?

Designing Your Ender Golf Hole

Ok! Now it’s time to work with your partner to create the most awesome hole you can! First, you should brainstorm some ideas together. What kinds of obstacles could you put in your Ender Golf hole?

Your Ender Golf hole will have a starting area that looks like this:

And an ending hole that looks like this:

Everything else is up to you! Add whatever you like as long as the difficulty is not too easy or too hard. Try your own hole lots of times to make sure it’s just right!


One of the most important things game designers do is playtest their game with other people. Head right to the next group’s Ender Golf hole and play it. Then, leave them feedback just like you did earlier.


No use in playtesting if you don’t make any changes, right? Go back to your hole, and check out the feedback you got. Does it say too easy? How could you make it a little harder? Does it say too hard? How could you make it a little easier? Spend some time revising your design.


Now it’s time to try the whole course! Start anywhere you like, and try to win each hole! If you’re feeling competitive, keep a record of how many Ender Pearls you spent. The lower the number, the better!


Want to take your ideas on a cooler and smaller scale? Check out how to design cool minigolf courses using packed ice!


Highlights from week 1 endergolf:

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