Game Design 8/15-8/19


It’s been a great week with our game designers in training!
On day one, everybody made their own Endergolf courses… then they teamed up to make the ultimate course in only 15 minutes!
Nicely done, everyone!

On the second day they made dungeons, but there were so many complex dungeons, I couldn’t capture the awesomeness in a simple screenshot!
Each puzzle was unique, complex, and challenging!
You had to play it to really understand.
Yesterday, the campers worked together to make a beautiful and insanely fun CTF arena!
We lost track of time and played until the server went down

Finally, today the campers split into groups and each designed their own unique co-op puzzles! From Zombie survival to Trivia to portal technology, these were definitely a treat for the eyes!

Can’t wait to see what goes on tomorrow!
Keep up the good work, guys!


Today was the last day of this session of game design and man did that go by fast!

We decided to commemorate the occasion with an Olympic themed set of events! I tried to make an endergolf course to go with it but… it didn’t work out too well.
Fortunately, the campers used their newly honed powers of constructive criticism and playtesting to help me find out what exactly was wrong, and how we could work to make it better!
While I worked on that, some of the other campers worked to make a horse race track, an archery place, an elytra course, and a redstone powered waste bin!
Way past cool, guys!

It’s been a real pleasure working with the campers this week. Everybody seemed to get along great and really take the time to learn with each other.
Special thanks to our volunteer, Chewielekitten, for helping us out every week and Skargent for showing me the ropes-- I think we made a pretty good team!

Let’s continue the adventure in Kid’s club!

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