Fall Survival Colony - September 2016


Welcome to Survival Colony! We’ve touched down on a brand new planet and are working hard to build a sustainable colony. We managed to get a substantial settlement going in the jungle on our first day! All we need now is a name for our little town. More adventure awaits next week!

Colony Alpha
Name: TBD
Population: 9
Biome: Jungle
Difficulty: Hard
Status: Trading Post unlocked, player homes under construction.

Next Week: There’s something waiting in the Nether.

See you next week! Same time, same place!
:deciduous_tree: :house: :deciduous_tree:


September 28th, 2016
Final day of Survival Colony!
We’ve built a good, reliable colony. We shared our resources. We worked together. On the final day we went all-out and ventured into The End. For almost half an hour we were locked in brutal combat with the Ender Dragon, but with persistence and teamwork we defeated it and claimed The End as our own!
We celebrated by exploring The End even further and scoring sweet loot. In the final few minutes of camp, we switched to Peaceful mode and had an Elytra contest.

Just look at this crowd! :smiley:

Thanks for all the good times here at Survival Colony! I hope to see you again soon!
ADVENTURERS FOREVER! :crossed_swords: :sparkles: :dragon:

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