Engineering Day 5: Advanced Projects


You did it!

Now that you’ve learned so much, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. Today you’ll be taking on projects that challenge what you’ve learned so far by applying them in advanced ways. We’ll also be taking the time to clean up the theme park and decorate it.

Using everything you’ve learned so far, what’s the most amazing thing you can create? Today’s your chance to make your theme park everything you ever wanted it to be.

Look at this awesome, 100% playable, redstone guitar!

Take some time to come up with a project and go for it!

This playlist has tutorials on some advanced applications of redstone. Can you think of ways to apply these techniques to your theme park?

Theme Park Ideas
-Complete park lighting system
-Redstone ferry between islands
-Redstone Farm
-Redstone Statues (Moving Contraptions)
-Anything from previous days to improve/try again

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