Engineering Day 4: Mobile Redstone and Advanced Machines


So far we’ve only been creating machines that stay in one place, but there’s a way we can make our machines travel!

Today we’ll be learning how to use slime blocks, redstone blocks, and pistons, to create moving cars, elevators, and more. With this power, your redstone creations are no longer defined by their location. Think of the crazy machines you can build now that your redstone can move!


Redstone & Slime Cars

Redstone Mechs

Redstone Elevator

Vending Machine

Toll Gate

Item Input - Output (Trader)

-Follow a few of the videos and create a working version of an elevator, vending machine, car, etc.

Theme Park Ideas!
-Set up a tram that travels around the theme park or transports people to and from the island
-Create a very tall observation tower with an elevator to reach the top
-Create vending machines around the theme park for people to get refreshments and souvenirs
-Create a ticket booth at the entrance that takes payment and admits people to the park

Engineering Day 0: Welcome to Engineering Camp

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