Engineering Day 3: Basic Logic


At this point, you guys are getting pretty good at this stuff, but do you think you can build something like this yet?

That’s right, that’s an ACTUAL computer made entirely in minecraft. Today you’ll be learning what redstone magic makes something like this possible: Logic.

“Logic” is something used in real-world electronics that allows them to do – well pretty much anything. Logic with redstone is very similar and allows you to do almost anything in minecraft (with enough thinking!).

Today we’ll be learning about the basic ‘logic gates’ in minecraft. A gate is basically a machine that takes some input (a signal) and gives some output depending on the type of gate it is. These gates will allow us to create very advanced redstone machines.

This knowledge will take your redstone theme park to the next level with highly advanced rides.


Basic Logic (AND, NOT, NAND, OR)

-Construct your own AND, NOT, NAND, and OR gates and experiement with how they work
-Create a door that only opens if you flip TWO levers
-Create a puzzle that requires you to flip the right levers to move forward

Theme Park Ideas!
-Create a puzzle maze that uses logic to shift in strange ways
-Make a riddle puzzle that requires the player to flip the right levers to pass the test
-Set up an advanced roller coaster that uses logic to alternate tracks and shift the paths carts take
-Upgrade a few places in the theme park with some extra security with locked piston doors

Engineering Day 0: Welcome to Engineering Camp

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