Engineering Day 2: Controlling Signal


So now that we know the basics, let’s take it a step further shall we?

I mean apart from turning the signals on and off, there are actually other cooler things you can do with redstone circuits! Do you know how “Open” signs in shops automatically turn on and off on certain time intervals? Or how some Christmas lights make it look like a trail of light moves from one side to the other? Automation is pretty cool. The concept is simple to understand so don’t be intimidated. We’re basically going to learn how to keep running a circuit in a loop infinitely until we tell it to stop.

See you can do so much with this when you think outside the box! There are multiple things in Minecraft that interact with redstone so we can automate them. Take for example hoppers and dispensers. But first, let’s learn how to control the redstone signals before we get to the cooler things. Because remember, redstone masters persevered through the nitty gritty stuff too before they went on to build really amazing things. Are you ready?

So today we’ll be learning how to manipulate and control redstone signal. Specifically, we’ll be learning about inverting, delaying, repeating, and timing redstone signals. This will allow us to create things like clocks, fireworks cannons, and advanced machines.

Inverting Signal (First Half)

Repeaters & Delays

Basic Timing/Repeating

Different Types of Redstone Clocks

Hopper Redstone Timing (First Part of Video)


  • Connect power to a light (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Create a rail track with powered rails that propels minecarts up a slope
  • Create an Automatic Piston Door

Theme Park Ideas!

  • Lay out the Park
  • Create Park Entrance (Piston Doors)
  • Create Railway to reach the park island from the central hub
  • Create some simple game booths around the park (Dunk Booths, Ball Toss)

Alright, time to see how creative you can get engineering campers! Think of things using Minecraft materials that you can automate that would belong in a theme park. Stop! Don’t google anything, I want you to use your own mind, because our minds are these incredibly powerful things that we were born with. Actually, not just our minds, but everyone’s minds. If you really can’t think of anything, don’t be afraid to tell someone around you about it! Ever heard of the phrase “Two heads are better than one?” This is actually one thing engineers do when they’re stuck with a problem — they discuss it with other people, engineers and non-engineers alike! Sometimes someone else’s perspective is a very valuable thing, and you can learn from them too so use this opportunity!

Post your ideas below, and if you want our insights, we’ll be glad to share our creativity with you. See, I’ve known that even the weirdest ideas can turn into something great with the right people thinking about it. :smiley:

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