Engineering Day 1: Redstone Basics


Alright engineering campers, are you guys ready? Yes?

Not so fast! See one important thing that an engineer needs to have is creativity. Without an idea, we can’t actually build anything right? So let’s do a creative exercise.

Imagine you were about to walk into an amusement park. You hear the sounds of kids your age laughing and having fun. You go through the ticket booth and hand in your ticket, and then 'lo and behold, magic happens! To your right are rollercoasters, tall and scary but you can’t help but feel excited to ride it. To your left are food stalls selling all kinds of things — cotton candy, popcorn, and everyone’s favorite ice cream! Scattered all around are game booths with different mini games that you could try out — mini-golf, bumper cars, and even a dunk tank! You then go on and try as much of these attractions as you can… but then suddenly, you start to realize something.

I wish the park used rollercoasters instead of buses to get around.
I wish that dunk tank could dunk three people at the same time.
I wish the food stalls could give me a random snack so I don’t have to choose.

See you start to have all these ideas that this theme park could be — you start to think like an engineer. See an engineer will look at something and say “I can make it better!” In Minecraft, engineers are the redstone masters. And every one of those redstone masters started out with an idea. To make this idea come to life, they all had to learn the basics, or fundamentals as real engineers would call it, of redstone.

So today, on day 1, for our up and coming redstone masters, we’ll be learning about the basics of redstone circuits. Specifically, we’ll be learning about wiring signal, powering signal, and input - output. These things will be the foundation of our redstone creations in the next couple of days.

Beginner Basics

Piston Doors (Also Piston Basics)

Rails Basics

Vertical Redstone Wiring


  • Connecting power to a light (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Powering tracks to give minecarts momentum
  • Creating Automatic Doorways

Theme Park Ideas!

  • Layout Park
  • Create Park Entrance
  • Create Railway to reach the park island
  • Create some simple game booths around the park (Dunk Booths, Ball Toss)

Now that we’ve looked at the fundamentals of redstone and done some exercises, we want YOU to think of different ways you could use redstone circuits, pistons, and rails in your creations! Be creative. Bookshelves as piston doors? Hit the target booth that will activate a light switch? Think of things you can build in an amusement park that uses what you just learned today. Remember that there are endless possibilities campers, so get thinking!

Post your ideas below! Who knows, maybe one of our counselors will drop by to check them out. See inspiration is everywhere, and that inspiration can definitely come from you.

Engineering Day 0: Welcome to Engineering Camp

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