Engineering Day 0: Welcome to Engineering Camp


Welcome to Engineering Camp! Are you excited to become an inventor, builder, and red-stone genius?

In this 5-day camp you’ll learn some the basics of electrical engineering (fancy!) through redstone in minecraft. Each day, we’ll have a 2 hour session in which you’ll learn something about redstone and then use that knowledge to work on your amusement park in the sky.

At the start the park will just be an empty island in the sky, but by the end of the week, you’ll have worked with other campers to create rollercoasters, games, mazes, fun houses and more. Using your new skills in redstone, you’ll be able to deck-out your island with all sorts of cool things like automatic lights, a real-working clock tower, and regular fireworks shows!

In no time, these parks won’t stand a chance against yours!


Each day’s activities are outlined in another forum post like this one with a number corresponding to the day. For example, the activities for day day can be found in “Engineering 1: Redstone Basics”

Engineering 1: Redstone Basics

Engineering 2: Controlling Signal

Engineering 3: Basic Logic

Engineering 4: Mobile Redstone and Advanced Machines

Engineering 5: Advanced Projects

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