DUBAI- Build a city in a week!


So far we’ve spent two days in Dubai making a start on the famous city of tourism. We built the Atlantis Palm Hotel and Water Park Resort, we made a good start on building the Burj Khalifa and we added some surf shops and new hotels to the beach.


My cinematic recording of the Dubai Build day1! click HERE to see!


Day 2 of the dubai build <—


Dubai is coming along very well indeed! Today we added waterfront houses to the city along the beaches and on islands offshore.


Day 4 in Dubai…Today we built the famous Mall of Dubai complete with an array of interesting shops and also a large aquarium.


For the final day of building in Dubai, we re-created Dubai’s oldest building Al Fahidi Fort which now houses the Dubai Museum. The fort looks great and even has a secret underground bunker with hidden entrances. Well done this week everyone!


Kidsclub video! yay!


My cinematic recording of the Dubai Build Final Showcase!

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