D king raid on glowstone


i decided that during the d king event ill raid and steal everything the d king has, and ill be rich. the d king is bad and shall die, EUROPA SHALL BE FREE


Depends if you can handle the wrath of the DRAGON KING tomorrow!


OK then. pls :heart:


@bagfart if you break the dragon king’s base, it will count as greifing and you may get banned. Just a warning.


Easy there.
The issue of being griefing or not has to do with the raid. It is an event space so campers aren’t supposed to be there before the event.
That said, I’m pretty sure the intent of the raid is to break and take everything, so good luck @bagfart !


ok. sorry my bad:heart:


i was just in creative to get my stuff for 2 mins, but i like to think its being a mod just for fun

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