Connected Camps Facilitation Guide


Here is a guide to facilitating a connected camps camp.

##Before Your First Session

  1. Provide a list of username for Connected Camps to whitelist on the server and confirm the server address.

  2. Test connecting your client to the server before starting a session with your students.

Before Each Session Starts

  1. Review the first 2 postings in the thread related to that session. You may want to post in the forum with any questions or suggestions that you have.

  2. If you have time, discuss some of the questions found in the second post with your students before starting the session.

  3. Connect to the Google Hangout using the link provided, and project the video call to the room. Test to make sure the sound for the call is working.

  4. Prepare the video found in the forum post for projection to the room.

  5. You may want to prepare each client to log into the server, however students should not log in until directed to do so by the councilors.

During The Video Call

  1. Students should not be logged in on their computers.

  2. Students should be able to see the video and should be able to respond to prompts. The students should also be visible to those on the video call.

  3. When prompted by the councilors show the day’s video.

  4. Leave the video call up when students are directed to log in to Minecraft. We can show our screens to help with any issues you may encounter.

Logging In

Each user should make sure they are using the correct version when launching Minecraft. For most programs this will be the most recent version. For coding programs this will be Forge 1.7.10.

Check the version by clicking edit profile in the bottom left of the launcher screen.

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##During The Session

  1. Circulate the room and ask students questions about what is on their screen. You may want to…
    -ask students how to perform an in-game task that you have not seen before. Ex: Whoa is that a sword - how did you make that?
    -ask students about their plans for what is coming next. Ex: That is a really cool house, what are you going to add next?
    -invite or suggest collaboration. [Student] is working on a really cool bridge. Maybe one of you can help her finish it.

  2. Students will often have questions. Get them in the habit of communicating through typing and text chat by redirecting them to ask those questions to the councilors through the in-game chat. Students can press the T-Key to open up the in game chat.

  3. Some questions are not suitable for in-game chat. If you need help you or the students can always ask the councilors for help through the video call. The councilors can even share their screen to help troubleshoot or give tips, tricks, crafting support and more.

##After The Session

  1. The councilors will warn the students when there is 5 minutes left in the session. When time runs out they will freeze the students in place and everyone will turn their attention to the video call.

  2. In the video call we will quickly recap the day’s events and look ahead to tomorrow. Students will be asked to share their group’s accomplishments as well as one question they had or one issue they encountered.

  3. After each session follow up with the councilors in the video chat (if possible) or by email in order to make adjustments for upcoming sessions.

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