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New to Coding Camp? Check out these two brief videos about our Beginner Coding camp :

Here’s a video highlight of last summer’s Coding Camp

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Hi, we keep getting the message that our game has crashed. We are trying to verify that our computer will work for our son’s camp tomorrow. Any suggestions? It appears as if both Forge and ComputerCraftEdu are installed correctly.


Looks like this was resolved. Please let me know if you need more help.


We keep getting the message that minecraft has crashed. What can we do?


Would you please reach out to us on support:


Done, but the camp starts in 20 minutes.


I think we’ve responded to this but just to make sure.

Would you try lowering your render distance (in the video settings inside the client).


we have completed the render distance, now we are not able to connect to the turtle…server


Have you used teamspeak before? We are on there right now and could help via voice chat.

Teamspeak directions:


We connected yesterday to the test server, but today are having trouble with getting into the server

Do we need to put a name for the server>


The server only opens 15 minutes before the session. It should be open now.


I see that it is open now, but it says we aren’t white listed for this game.


You must be the former Ringo1940! We need an updated username.


no - we are jak_tuk50


I see. We’ll add that to the whitelist. Are you Ringo on teamspeak?


thank you for adding him.

as for teamspeak - i dont think so - i used the same user name as his minecraft


Thanks. Looks like this worked.


unable to set up teamspeak - no setup wizard is showing up


hmm could we try google hangouts @mbcapobianco?

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