Coding 8: Million Mile Mines


Coding Threads

Coding 0: Welcome To Coding Camp. Installing Computercraftedu and using the Turtle Remote
Coding 1: Enter The Turtle Garden. Learning how to control your Turtle.
Coding 2: The Enchanted Forest. Practicing Turtle movement.
Coding 3: Building And Repeats. Learning to build with your Turtle.
Coding 4: The Enchanted Meadow. Practicing Building and Repeats.
Coding 5: Nested Repeats. Learning to stack repeats.
Coding 6: Turtle Town. Practicing repeats.
Coding 7: The Big Dig. Learning to dig and practicing loops.
Coding 8: Million Mile Mines. Practicing digging and loops.
Coding 9: The If Statement. Learning about conditional statements.
Coding 10: The Working Turtle. Writing complex programs with conditions and loops.

##The Million Mile Mines

Get lost in the Million Mile Mines. These mines, built by a team of mining Turtles, go seriously deep. Find the Iron, Gold, Emerald, and Diamond challenges deep in the mines, uncovering new challenges through your Turtle’s digging efforts.

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Iron Challenges are the easiest and can be solved with only a few blocks of code.
Gold Challenges are more challenges and may require many instructions to complete.
Emerald Challenges are the most difficult and will be very difficult to complete.
Diamond Challenges are special challenges where Turtles compete against each other to see which one is fastest, strongest, or just running the best code.

##Coding Challenges

4.0 Iron Challenge: The Basic Mining Turtle: Look at all these precious ores! Program your Turtle to mine them.
4.1 Iron Challenge: The Chisel Challenge: What interesting quartz formations. Make one into a monument by digging some of the quartz.
4.2 Iron Challenge: Light This Tunnel: Dark tunnels are scary. Program your Turtle to dig a tunnel and light it along the way.
4.3 Iron Challenge: The Staircase down: Code a Turtle to reach the lower level by making stairs.
4.4 Gold Challenge: The Ladder Down: Wow these mines are deep. Can you code your Turtle to make a ladder to the lower levels?
4.5 Gold Challenge: The Railway Tunnel: Code your Turtle to lay down rails as it digs a new tunnel.
4.6 Emerald Challenge: The Underground Base: Every Minecraft adventure needs an underground base. Claim your base and code a Turtle to set it up.
4.7 Diamond Challenge: The Turtle Fighting Pit: Program your Turtle to enter the combat pit. Two Turtles will enter, only one will survive.

Coding 7: The Big Dig
Coding 1: Enter The Turtle Garden
Coding 4: The Enchanted Meadow
Coding 5: Nested Repeats
Coding 0: Welcome To Coding Camp
Coding 2: The Enchanted Forest
Coding 6: Turtle Town
Coding 3: Building And Repeats

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