Coding 4: The Enchanted Meadow


Coding Threads

Coding 0: Welcome To Coding Camp. Installing Computercraftedu and using the Turtle Remote
Coding 1: Enter The Turtle Garden. Learning how to control your Turtle.
Coding 2: The Enchanted Forest. Practicing Turtle movement.
Coding 3: Building And Repeats. Learning to build with your Turtle.
Coding 4: The Enchanted Meadow. Practicing Building and Repeats.
Coding 5: Nested Repeats. Learning to stack repeats.
Coding 6: Turtle Town. Practicing repeats.
Coding 7: The Big Dig. Learning to dig and practicing loops.
Coding 8: Million Mile Mines. Practicing digging and loops.
Coding 9: The If Statement. Learning about conditional statements.
Coding 10: The Working Turtle. Writing complex programs with conditions and loops.

The Enchanted Meadow

Welcome to Professor Sheldon’s Enchanted Meadow. Just like the Enchanted Forest there are 3 different levels of challenge - Iron, Gold, and Emerald. Can you complete them all?

Iron Challenges are the easiest and can be solved with only a few blocks of code.
Gold Challenges are more challenges and may require many instructions to complete.
Emerald Challenges are the most difficult and will be very difficult to complete.

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Many of the challenges in the Enchanted Meadow require your Turtle to place blocks. These blocks can be taken from nearby chests or from the creative mode inventory. You can access the items stored in the chests by right clicking or command clicking on the chests and dragging the items into your inventory.

Note: Some types of blocks can not be destroyed on the coding server. This include diamond, iron, gold, emerald, and several others.

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Challenges In The Enchanted Meadow

2.0 Iron Challenge: Light The Way: Program your Turtle to add a lamppost next to the road.

2.1 Iron Challenge: The Great Totem Garden: Wow, what a wonderful Totem! Program your Turtle to add a totem to the
Totem Garden.

2.2 Iron Challenge: Planting For Paradise: The field looks so empty. Will your Turtle help plant? Program your Turtle to plant flowers in the meadow.

2.3 Iron Challenge: Meadow Monuments: Program your Turtle to add a monument to the meadow.

2.4 Gold Challenge: Bridge Over Turtle Gully: Program your Turtle to build a bridge over the gully. Work with others to build a wider bridge.

2.5 Gold Challenge: Condominium Carpeting: Oh my these stone floors are drab. Program your Turtle to carpet your condo. Place a sign above the door to claim your condo.

2.6 Emerald Challenge: Build A Birch Tree: What a lovely tree. They used to cover the meadow. Can a Turtle rebuild a tree one block at a time?

2.7 Emerald Challenge: The Pixel Art Gallery: Program your Turtle to add a 6x6 section of pixel art. Don’t forget to name your piece with a sign.

Coding 3: Building And Repeats
Coding 2: The Enchanted Forest
Coding 1: Enter The Turtle Garden
Coding 0: Welcome To Coding Camp

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