Coding 2: The Enchanted Forest


Coding Threads

Coding 0: Welcome To Coding Camp. Installing Computercraftedu and using the Turtle Remote
Coding 1: Enter The Turtle Garden. Learning how to control your Turtle.
Coding 2: The Enchanted Forest. Practicing Turtle movement.
Coding 3: Building And Repeats. Learning to build with your Turtle.
Coding 4: The Enchanted Meadow. Practicing Building and Repeats.
Coding 5: Nested Repeats. Learning to stack repeats.
Coding 6: Turtle Town. Practicing repeats.
Coding 7: The Big Dig. Learning to dig and practicing loops.
Coding 8: Million Mile Mines. Practicing digging and loops.
Coding 9: The If Statement. Learning about conditional statements.
Coding 10: The Working Turtle. Writing complex programs with conditions and loops.

The Enchanted Forest

Welcome to Professor Sheldon’s Enchanted Forest. From Cave Lake to the Giant Mushroom Garden there is plenty to explore. As you look around the forest you will find 3 different levels of challenge - Iron, Gold, and Emerald. Can you complete them all?

Iron Challenges are the easiest and can be solved with only a few blocks of code.
Gold Challenges are more challenges and may require many instructions to complete.
Emerald Challenges are the most difficult and will be very difficult to complete.

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Challenges In The Forest

1.0 Iron Challenge: Walk the Carrot Garden: What a delightful little carrot garden. Wouldn’t your Turtle enjoy taking a stroll around it?

1.1 Iron Challenge: Explore the Ancient Ruins: Wow. These ruins look really old. Can you program your Turtle to explore them with you?

1.2 Iron Challenge: A Turtle’s Favorite Flower: All Turtles love flowers. Especially Roses. Program your Turtle to walk by the trail of roses.

1.3 Iron Challenge: Turtles Can’t Climb Ladders: Program your Turtle to join you up in the treehouse.

1.4 Iron Challenge: Time for a Swim: What a nice sunny day for a swim. Program your Turtle to swim across Peony Pond.

1.5 Gold Challenge: Secrets Of Cave Lake: Legend has it that Cave and Sandy Lakes connect. Prove it by coding a Turtle to swim between them.

1.6 Gold Challenge: The Mushroom Hop: Whoa, check out this giant mushroom. Can you program a Turtle to jump over it?

1.7 Gold Challenge: Cannonball!!!: Is that a diving board? Can you program a Turtle to cannonball into the water? Get the Turtle back to shore too.

1.8 Gold Challenge: Climb To Lookout Point: Climbing all these steps is so much work. Can you program your Turtle to climb to Lookout Point?

1.9 Emerald Challenge: Dark and Scary: Oh No. What if your Turtle gets trapped in a scary cave? Can you program your Turtle to get back to the light of day?

Coding 3: Building And Repeats

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