Build Battle: Train Stations. Results and Judge's commentary


12 PM PDT, 10 May 2017.
Lead Counselor & Judge: 1cook
Assistant Camp Director: Krafty7

All participating stations were attached to the hub station. This allows once to reach any participating station from another.

Access this build by typing “/warp trains”.

3rd Place: ElementalGabe

It looks like a station made out of a train, and it looks nice. However, the rails do not extend far enough into the station. The station is also dark.

2nd Place: bagfart

It looks sleek and modern. The gold pressure plates give the feel of an outdoor metro station. The creative use of half slabs place a small vertical space between the platform and the tracks.

1st Place: Chubadunk & PrincessMariah

The station has a nice pallet of building materials. It is complete with a ticket counter. Unlike most builds, which look boxy, this looks architecturally unique. However, the inside is too dark.

An in-game book copy of the Judge’s commentary has been distributed to all participants.


i has 2nd place, but why no prize money?


The competition will issue trophies to the winners. Please contact me to claim your prize.

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