Beginner Coding: Day 5


Howdy all! Welcome to the last day of coding, so let’s get straight to work!

The IF Command:

Today we are going to learn how to use one of the most useful commands our turtles have: “If”

Until today our turtle really haven’t done any thinking, we’ve told them to go up and down, and even go forward 100 times, but using the green If they can think!

The way “If” works is when the condition is true, then is will do the actions in between the “Then” and “End.” When the condition is not true, it won’t do anything.

Think of it like this: IF you stick your hand out your door and feel rain drops, THEN you’ll get an umbrella. IF you don’t feel any drops, THEN you’ll go on.

Today’s Challenge:

Today’s Challenge is to create a Turtle that will mine the blocks under it using the IF tile.

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