Beginner Coding: 2pm Class


Hi All, today we started one of our beginner coding classes. It seems like a couple of you were unable to join us, please follow the links below. And a shout out to all of our students today for getting straight to work!

If you are still having trouble getting on to teamspeak or on to ComputerCraft EDU, please look at these links, and don’t hesitate to email us.

ComputerCraftEDU Install:

TeamSpeak Install:

Tomorrow we head into the enchanted forest! =D See you then.


Hey All! Thanks to all of you who joined us today! Tomorrow we will work more with turtles, and even how to mine block! If you still haven’y joined us, please follow the guides above!

See you guys tomorrow! =D
-Ninja123123 & Rocky the Domesticated Rock


Howdy Guys! Glad to see you all again today!

Today we worked on building walls and we also made some great art! These skills will be really important for tomorrow, and we learn how to have our turtles mine for us. Hope you all have a great afternoon!

See you guys tomorrow! =D


Hey, Al! Thanks for coming again! I hope you had fun, I and I assure you, ghost turtles are not real… I think.

Its hard to believe how quickly this week has past! =C

I’ll see you guys tomorrow for our last class, until then.
-Ninja123123 & Rocky


Hey Guys! Thanks for coming to our last class! On behalf of all of us here, we hope you had fun!

It has been a pleasure and fun to work with you all. (and I hope that you all learned something too =P)
If this has been a lot of fun for you, feel free to look at the intermediate classes, and you might see some familiar faces. =D

If not, we’ll see you around.

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