Beginner Coding: 10am Class


Hi All, today we started one of our beginner coding classes. A quick shout out to all of you who took on the challenging Emerald mazes, as Sam said, even many of the counselors didn’t want to do them.

If you are still having trouble getting on to teamspeak or on to ComputerCraft EDU, please look at these links, and don’t hesitate to email us.

ComputerCraftEDU Install:

TeamSpeak Install:

It was a great start to our week together, and on behalf of my fellow counselors we hope to see you bright and early tomorrow!

Tomorrow we head into the enchanted forest! =D See you then.


Tuesday July 19, 2016

Great job today everyone! You guys learned some of the basics of coding – repetition – which is a key part is using such functionalities like While loops and For loops. Repetition is great when you’re doing a sequence of in a problem that is similar throughout a program. This allows your code to be short, sweet, and to the point rather than fully writing out every step of the program that can end up being long and tedious.

From here on out we’ll be using repetition a lot, so keep it in mind and practice! We’ll see you tomorrow; have a great day everyone!


Oh man what a busy day! We started by building walls and we learned how to use repeating to build over and over. Then we learned how to switch the slot in order to have our turtles keep buildings!

We ended by creating some art and then interperting how it realates to life and the human condition! Remeber that life is like a serise of purple and dirt stripes. Its uh…uh… you know…like similar.

We hope you all had fun and we’ll see you tomorrow!


Hey All! Hope you guys had fun and are ready for our final day! We once again worked with repeat, but this time with a more dificult challenge.

Also those turtles we worked with at the end are the advanced turtles, ones that you’ll work with if you do the intermediate camp! So I hope you had fun with them! They can do a lot more.
Tomorrow we will do the hardest challenge yet! You’re gonna have fun. =P

Cya then, Ninja123123 & Rocky


Hey All! Its hard to believe how fast this week has gone! =C We hope that you all had fun!

If you had a great time and would like to learn more, feel free to join the intermediate coding camp! In there you’ll be doing even more interesting challenges. (As usual, there are only so many slots left so look into it soon if you are interested).

We’ll see you all around! =P
-Ninja123123 & Rocky


Thank you so much for this! Jared had a great time!

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