Ask Mods Anything! Live Twitch event!


Join a few of your favorite mods on August 2nd, 12PM PST on Twitch for a classic AMA session! All are welcome to join us as we play Minecraft and answer questions from the Twitch chat. Campers and parents are welcome to tune in and submit questions.

#Who will be there?
Featured counselors:
Krafty7 and Heiisama, two highly experienced lead counselors at Connected Camps. You may have seen them around Kid Club or one of our summer programs!
Learn more about the mods HERE!

##How to Watch
Simply go to to watch the livestream or join Kid Club to be part of it.
##How to Ask
To participate in the AMA, use the chat on Twitch to submit questions. You need to have a account in order to leave comments, so be sure to set one up before the show!
To view the chatbox on Twitch, simply click the little arrow in the top right corner of the channel to reveal it.
##What will the mods be doing?
Krafty7 and Heiisama will be playing around Kid Club for the AMA, having an adventure, building cool things, and so on. You can even give them quests through commenting in the Twitch chat!

"What’s an AMA?"
AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” It’s basically internet terminology for a virtual Q&A session. They are usually conducted through text chat.

"What’s Twitch?" is a site that lets you host live broadcasts on the internet. It’s primarily used by Let’s Players to broadcast videogame playthroughs.


i has no twitch


Mods What is Richmond camp?


Sorry about the anonymity. I am Shaori__fell, Expert Failer In Parkour, Creator of Bob The Turtle, Redstone Engineer, Creator of The Secret Passage Trap, and slayer of countless creepers. I am using my moms account.


this is an old post, so dont count the stuff in here as relevent. Hows it goin shaori! :smiley:

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