Architecture Club: Welcome to Creeperville


Today campers made a great start on a new town in the gallery. Creeperville is born! We now have a bank and a police station, a great entrance wall and a central fountain. Well done everyone! Join us next week to build a school and a marketplace. You can access Creeperville at warp creeperville.


Creeperville is growing bigger! Today we added a school and a really cool indoor marketplace. Join us next week to build a supermarket and a post office!


Today in Creeperville we built an awesome post office. xDarkdiamond installed a super speedy automatic mail sorting system which filters down into the post office from a redstone laced platform above. ElementalGabe and SenseiSpark each began to construct a unique house on the west side of town and their builds are developing nicely. I also added a strange small supermarket which still needs a roof, and we should look at extending the roadways. Join us next week to build a town hall and install more interesting Creeperville style houses.


Creeperville updates: Today we added some unique houses to Creeperville along a new road way. Krafty7, Grumpyboys and I added three new houses, and Grumpyboys built an awesome food store!

Thanks to everyone who took part in building Creeperville! You can visit Creeperville and add to it anytime, just go through the portal in the gallery.

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