Architecture Club: Venus


Welcome to Venus! Unlike Mars, the surface of Venus is not habitable for humans. However, we can certainly live in the sky. All we need are a few baloons and a self-sustaining enclosed environment.

If you’re not placed in the Venus chat channel automatically when you enter, type /ch venus to join.

Building Rules:
Futuristic: Little or no natural materials, redstone-powered lights, doors, and transportation only.
Floating structures only: The ground is lethal! All structures and activity must take place near or above the cloud layer.
Networked: Buildings must be connected by bridges, tunnels, ladders, etc.
Oxygen Refinery: We can extract oxygen from the carbon dioxide in Venus’s atmosphere. Build a facility to provide air to the rest of the colony. Make sure there are air tubes leading from here to all the buildings!

##Weekly Schedule

Day 1: Housing and Community on Venus

Choose a portal and journey into the unknown. When you arrive in a world, please follow the signs to the “Preparation Zone” where you will find environment appropriate suits to wear. This zone will also give you access to ender chests and a meeting space to hear about the days challenges in that world. Also, when you enter the world you wish to build in, make sure you switch to the appropriate chat channel! If you’re in the wrong channel, no one will hear you!

Ok, so you’ve suited up and you are ready to build away. But WAIT, before you start building, take a minute to brainstorm with your team-mates…What is the best thing to build first? What structures are most important for survival in that world? Think about the environment… is there oxygen? Will living spaces need to be enclosed?

  • Build communal housing with 12+ beds, personal storage chests, bookshelves…etc

  • Build communal eating spaces. This must include kitchens, a pantry, and fridge/freezer rooms

  • Come up with a city/colony name as a group

  • Build a meeting/ debate house where community members can gather and make decisions

  • Build a community monument. This monument should be asymmetrical and represent the core theme of your world.

Day 2: Commerce on Venus - Consider the challenges of an economy in each world and what resources are available to use as building materials or in scientific study, as well as what commodities would be highly valued in each world, and what types of buildings are required to make the economy work.

  • Build a science lab to conduct research

  • Build a redstone facility, where you can make and test electronics

  • Build a library, where you store your research results

  • Build a beacon to provide special abilities for working on Venus

  • Build a communications tower to send and receive messages from Earth

  • Build a community farm to provide food. This must be enclosed from the elements.

Day 3: Transportation - Think about the best ways to explore your world. How will you navigate the terrain and what vehicles would be the most useful to you? Also, think about how to connect all the areas of your city with a transportation system.

  • Build flying cars, mid-flight of course.

  • Add transporters to the important places in town.

  • Build an airship to fly above the planet’s surface and scan for signs of life

Day 4: THE ULTIMATE TEST - Today the entire server is set to Survival Mode! This will be the ultimate test of your designed communities. How will they hold up against natural and other-worldly events? Have you followed the building constraints carefully?

Put your community and your survival skills to the test. Will your society collapse, or is victory on the horizon?

Day 5: Decoration and Closing Ceremonies - Today is your chance to finish and perfect your community’s building projects and celebrate as a team with a grand firework festival.

  • Repair any damaged buildings or structures

  • Make everything pretty! Put finishing touches on communities

  • Build and decorate an area to hold a community party

  • Celebrate builds with firework festival

Welcome to Architecture Club: Holodeck Overview

Did you know? Venus might actually be better for colonization than Mars. Take that, Mars! Check out this video from PBS about it:


Venus: Week 1, Day 2 - Diamond Heights
Starlog: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our newly created city on the surface of the planet was christened with the name Diamond Heights. With the glowing star marking our territory and a banner to unify our numbers, we began building facilities to support our new city.

The members of Venus created a super-lab that can be used to study all sorts of different aspects of the planet.
Lab sections are dedicated to plant life, redstone experimentation, native life, and chemistry. All research is compiled and stored in the lab’s library.


The completed lab from the outside, armed with a radar disk and solar panels for power.

Redstone experimentation chambers, built underground to avoid disturbing the environment.

Even the illusive Venusian native race was captured for studying.


Venus: Week 1, Day 3 - Diamond in the Rough
Starlog: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

With the purpose of scanning the surface for new life, the citizens of Diamond Heights created the Apollo 34, a massive mothership capable of housing over a dozen crew members for weeks on end. With a mess hall to fill their stomachs, activity centers to keep the crew members in shape, and sleeping quarters to sleep in, the crew would have no trouble staying comfortable in their home away from home.

In addition, the citizens found it necessary to build methods of transportation to traverse their growing city, and such created warp portals that would allow them to instantly travel from their home base in the sky to their city down below. They also built flying machines to traverse both the streets of their city but the dunes beyond the city limits.


Flying machines developed by members of Diamond Heights, which range from flying cars to not-so-unidentified flying saucers, complete with animal-abducting tractor beams.

Warp portals float slightly above the ground, reminiscent of our floating home base. Portals to and from the home base allow for quick transportation even on foot.

The Apollo 34, seen from the outside. It’s size, while smaller than our floating home base, is still enough to leave a large shadow over where it flies.

The inside of the ship is spacious and has all sorts of facilities inside. The power core that churns out power to the ship can be heard even from outside the engine room.


Venus: Week 1, Day 4 - Scorched Earth
Starlog: Thursday, June 30, 2016

A vicious sandstorm, which tears through the planet weekly, blew through Diamond Heights and damaged many of the buildings that we had built. One such building was the science lab, which held one of the native Venusian Blazes held captive there. Angered, the Blaze returned to its kind and launched a surprise attack on Shintear, capturing him and stealing his world-edit powers. They used their power to create lava balls and destabilize the ground using gravity powers, causing builds to be torn apart and lifted off the ground.

Upon arriving, the campers started to get to work to rescue Shintear. Despite the Blazes forcing them into Survival Mode, the campers found their way down to the surface and rescue Shintear from the Blaze’s obsidian tower. Finding one of their obsidian pods near the downed Apollo 34, they tracked them back to their base and restored Shintear’s power back to him. However, as the Blazes had used Shintear’s powers against the world, we were unable to restore the world to its previous state, and we had no option but to build a new city around the ruins of the old Diamond Heights.


Venus: Week 1, Day 5 - Finale
Starlog: Friday, July 1, 2016

Our fair city, torn apart by invaders, had an undying spirit not willing to simply burn out from adversity. The rebuilding effort made by the members of Diamond Heights admirably took the methods of the invaders, who used anti-gravity weapons to rip buildings apart, and used that to construct even bigger buildings using the broken apart pieces in the sky. The mothership was also fixed up and turned into further housing, despite being grounded. As a final defense against future threats, we also developed a giant golden robot.

After our hard work, the members of Diamond Heights gathered on top of the downed Apollo 34 and had a last minute fireworks show to celebrate our week on this planet.

It’s been a good week.



Architecture Week 3
Day 1

Today we made a great start, we built apartments, a dining room and kitchen area, a water slide and a great welcoming community center.


Week 3 Day 2:

Today we all did a great job and we completed all of the days challenges. We built a communications tower, bathrooms and showers, an indoor farm, a redstone facility with a grand automatic brewing station, a science lab, a library and a meeting room/debate house!


Week 3 Day 3
Today we focussed on transportation. We started a cool railway track, we built an airship and several flying cars. We also finished up a really complicated redstone build- Stormer put together an automatic brewing station, and automated melon farm and an enchanting facility.
We also prepared for tomorrow which is survival day. Will we survive in our city?


Week 3 Day 4: Survival Day

Well, we properly prepared ourselves with stores of supplies throughout the city. We fought boldly against waves of blazes, followed by waves of slime and then an infestation of silverfish. Well done everyone!
When the chaos died down we built a grand pop arena, and River built a cool house for each of us in our favorite colors.


Week 3 Day 5

Wow what a week! Today we repaired the damage from yesterday’s survival challenge. We also built a party area with a dance floor and 3 firework towers! Finally we all took a tour of the other worlds; the Amazon and Mars, and then we gave the other campers a tour of Venus. At the end of the day Venus held an epic PVP free for all battle.
Thank you everyone for a wonderful week, your building skills are sublime and we came up with a really cool city in the end.

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