Architecture Club: Mars


Welcome to Mars! The most popular of all non-Earth planets. We’re building a new world for humanity, and there are lot of dangers here on the fourth planet from the Sun. When building your community, you’ll have to keep the following rules in mind:

If you’re not placed in the Mars chat channel automatically when you enter, type /ch mars to join.

Building Rules:
Enclosed Spaces: Don’t let the oxygen out! Every part of your community must be enclosed in a room full of oxygen. That includes buildings, walkways, and public spaces.
Airlocks: Any doors to the outside must be preceded by an airlock.
Tinted and Shuttered windows: The sun is harsh here, and sandstorms are destructive. Tinted windows will shield you from the sun and shutters will protect the glass from storms.
Communal Living: We don’t have the resources to give everyone their own personal living space. Design the colony to share resources.

##Weekly Schedule:

Day 1: Housing and Community on MarsAlright, get ready to launch, architecture campers!

Choose a portal and journey into the unknown. When you arrive in a world, please follow the signs to the “Preparation Zone” where you will find environment appropriate suits to wear. This zone will also give you access to ender chests and a meeting space to hear about the days challenges in that world. Also, when you enter the world you wish to build in, make sure you switch to the appropriate chat channel! If you’re in the wrong channel, no one will hear you!

Ok, so you’ve suited up and you are ready to build away. But WAIT, before you start building, take a minute to brainstorm with your team-mates…What is the best thing to build first? What structures are most important for survival in that world? Think about the environment… is there oxygen? Will living spaces need to be enclosed?

  • Build communal housing with 12+ beds, personal storage lockers, bookshelves…etc

  • Build a crafting center

  • Build a small community movie theater to watch video messages from Earth

  • Build communal eating spaces. Should be build to remind the Martians of Earth. Must include kitchen, pantry, and fridge/freezer rooms

  • Build a meeting room where community members can gather and make decisions

  • Come up with a colony name as a group

  • Build a community monument

  • Fix up the Mars preparation zone to meet the building requirements

Day 2: Commerce on Mars - Consider the challenges of an economy in each world and what resources are available to use as building materials or in scientific study, as well as what commodities would be highly valued in each world, and what types of buildings are required to make the economy work.

  • Build a greenhouse with indoor gardens to provide food

  • Build an airlock that leads to a rocket launchpad

  • Build a potions lab and a beacon to provide special abilities for working on Mars

  • Build an enclosed mining base camp to dig for and discover new Martian rocks and gems

  • Build a communications lab with satellites surrounding it

Day 3: Transportation - Think about the best ways to explore your world. How will you navigate the terrain and what vehicles would be the most useful to you? Also, think about how to connect all the areas of your city with a transportation system.

  • Build a garage and loading bay for roving vehicles

  • Build 2 or more off-road style vehicles that can each transport 6 travelers on Mars adventures

  • Build a rocket for your launchpad. It should be able to accommodate 6 travelers

  • Build a mine cart system to transport gems from the mine to the lab

Day 4: THE ULTIMATE TEST - Today the entire server is set to Survival Mode! This will be the ultimate test of your designed communities. How will they hold up against natural and other-worldly events? Have you followed the building constraints carefully?

Put your community and your survival skills to the test. Will your society collapse, or is victory on the horizon?

Day 5: Decoration and Closing Ceremonies - Today is your chance to finish and perfect your community’s building projects and celebrate as a team with a grand firework festival.

  • Repair any damaged buildings or structures

  • Make everything pretty! Put finishing touches on communities

  • Build and decorate an area to hold a community party

  • Celebrate builds with firework festival

Welcome to Architecture Club: Holodeck Overview

Day 2 of Architecture Camp on Mars went really well. We added a greenhouse, a town hall, a communications lab, a potions lab, a rocket launchpad and a mining base camp! Well done to everyone for completing these builds in awesome style.

Communications lab and satellite

The Great Mars Colony Monument

Join us tomorrow for Day 3 when we will explore transportation options for our world!


Well done to the Mars team today! We worked really well together and completed all the challenges. We even had time to make a new mine, a railway system, a bank and an airship in addition to the rocket, rover garage, and roving vehicles we built.



Mars Week 4 Days 1 & 2

Well we had a great start this week…so far we have built housing units, dining and kitchen areas, a meeting room, a huge creeper astronaut monument, a sign in lights of our colony name; THE MEGA MARS WARRIORS, a rocket launchpad, a lab with a special beacon and a mining base camp!!
Wow what a lot of work! We are a great team.


Week 4 Day 3- Transportation

Today we had a blast building a railway line, a garage and roving vehicles that can carry 6 people, and an awesome rocket ship for our launchpad- it even has escape pods! We also prepared ourselves for tomorrow when we will attempt to survive in our colony!


Week 4 Day 4: Survive the invasion!

Today we were very well prepared and we experienced both a sandstorm and an alien invasion. 4 types of aliens descended upon our colony from a rather unusual looking space craft. We fought together and we fought well and we beat the aliens!
Well done everyone! And thanks for an awesome day at camp.


Week 4 Day 5

Wow! What a way to round off the week. We had an epic battle after another alien ship crashed onto Mars. We fought blazes, witches, magma cubes, slimes and silverfish, and we won and saved our colony!
Then we repaired any damages to our structures and began building the party zone. We put together an awesome flashing dance floor and several of you made fireworks to complete the celebration.

Thank you all for an awesome week. See you in kid club!

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