Architecture Club: Atlantis


Welcome to Atlantis, the city beneath a frozen sea! Living underwater isn’t easy, and there are lots of things to account for when building a community in such an odd environment:

If you’re not placed in the Atlantis chat channel automatically when you enter, type /ch atlantis to join.

Enclosed spaces only: No way can we live with water pouring through the ceiling! Make sure all rooms have a great view of the sea, but don’t let the sea come pouring in.
Well lit: The ocean is very dark. Use plenty of glowstone and ocean lanterns to make everything visible.
Communal living: Atlantians prefer to live together; rooms full of beds, dining halls, and pools rather than individual apartments.
No breaching the surface: Atlantis is a city entirely underwater. The only time a structure should peek above the ocean surface is if it’s an entrance to the city.

##Weekly Schedule

Day 1: Housing and Community in Atlantis Alright, get ready to launch, architecture campers!

Choose a portal and journey into the unknown. When you arrive in a world, please follow the signs to the “Preparation Zone” where you will find environment appropriate suits to wear. This zone will also give you access to ender chests and a meeting space to hear about the days challenges in that world. Also, when you enter the world you wish to build in, make sure you switch to the appropriate chat channel! If you’re in the wrong channel, no one will hear you!

Ok, so you’ve suited up and you are ready to build away. But WAIT, before you start building, take a minute to brainstorm with your team-mates…What is the best thing to build first? What structures are most important for survival in that world? Think about the environment… is there oxygen? Will living spaces need to be enclosed?

  • Build communal housing with 12+ beds, personal storage chests, bookshelves…etc

  • Build communal eating spaces. This must include kitchens, a pantry, and fridge/freezer rooms

  • Come up with a city name as a group

  • Build a meeting/ debate house where community members can gather and make decisions

  • Build a community monument

Day 2: Commerce in Atlantis - Consider the challenges of an economy in each world and what resources are available to use as building materials or in scientific study, as well as what commodities would be highly valued in each world, and what types of buildings are required to make the economy work.

  • Build gardens and a farm to supply food

  • Build enclosed stairs to the surface for a fishing platform and docks. Build a fishing complex on the surface

  • Add a couple of trading boats to the docks

  • Build a potions lab to brew valuable underwater breathing and night vision potions

  • Build a communications tower at the docks. Connect it somehow to a radio studio down in Atlantis

Day 3: Transportation - Think about the best ways to explore your world. How will you navigate the terrain and what vehicles would be the most useful to you? Also, think about how to connect all the areas of your city with a transportation system.

  • Build a helicopter landing pad at the docks. Add an Atlantis-inspired helicopter

  • Build a submarine for deep underwater research expeditions

  • Construct an ice boat for lengthy trips across the ice

Day 4: THE ULTIMATE TEST - Today the entire server is set to Survival Mode! This will be the ultimate test of your designed communities. How will they hold up against natural and other-worldly events? Have you followed the building constraints carefully?

Put your community and your survival skills to the test. Will your society collapse, or is victory on the horizon?

Day 5: Decoration and Closing Ceremonies - Today is your chance to finish and perfect your community’s building projects and celebrate as a team with a grand firework festival.

  • Repair any damaged buildings or structures

  • Make everything pretty! Put finishing touches on communities

  • Build and decorate an area to hold a community party

  • Celebrate builds with firework festival

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