Architecture Camp--World: Amazon--Shimmer City!


Today began our first day of Architecture summer camp!
My name is Extrafancyrice, and this week I’m going to be helping our campers explore the Amazon(AKA Shimmer City)!
Today, the campers demonstrated a great amount of creativity with their treehouses, paired with a distinct use of beacons to light up our sky in rain or shine, sun or night!
Campers made a fire station, farm, and bridges to connect all the houses in the cities by working together-- with cohesion like that, this camp is going to be cake!
Who knows what the Amazon has in store for us later this week? Will the beacons signal to the others who may already inhabit the amazon? Will our campers be able to shimmer their way through it?
The amazon is a mystery on its own!

Thanks for a great first day!


Over the past few days, our colony has made a number of incredible achievements!
We brought a water system to our treehouses, and one camper even used a redstone cart system to make the lights flash! Working together with the campers, we even made a shimmering sign for Shimmer City!

Everything was going well… until a camper named Cherys pointed out that the forums foreshadowed a dramatic day for us… “Survival Day”.
Realizing this as serious business, campers got a bit more serious about their transportation plan! They worked together to create an underground refuge, marked by a green beacon and accessed through operational portals located in the central positions of the colony! This quick thinking not only helped provide a place to run in the face of danger… but provided all amazonians with gear, food, and… elytras?
After that, the amazonians felt completely prepared for whatever may happen on survival day… a day that would test their every innovation…

(The inside of the secret base-- the stairs lead to the green beacon and the portal leads to the armory)
The results of survival day and adventures that happened are so much to write that I fear I must take a quick break to collect myself before I write it!


With the start of Survival day came a string of cross-biome tragedies being announced by Broadcast! It wasn’t long before the campers realized that Broadcast was the one behind the specimens escaping on Mars… and the one that brought the locals of the Amazon to attack the beacons of Shimmer city!
…making things worse, Broadcast disabled my ability to /TP or /warp to spawn after glitching me somewhere in the forest! Needless to say, I was forced to try to navigate to the colony on my own, hoping I would still have a colony to help by the time I got there.
Broadcast was relentless while I was away…
However, despite whatever had happened while I was gone, the campers were alive and well when I finally got to the colony!
As a matter of fact, some campers saw me struggling to climb a tree and helped me get back up to the treehouses, telling me all about how many mobs were there and how they bravely fought them off.
I was very impressed and relieved to hear that it was over!
…if only I hadn’t been incapacitated… I could’ve taken some great pictures of our campers being heroes for this post…
Broadcast announced defeat, and while I was relieved my campers were busy enchanting armor and telling me not to let my guard down. I thought this was silly until…
Broadcast announced, “Survive THIS!” and before we knew it every sort of mob infiltrated the treehouses–from witches and zombies down to Endermen!
Thanks to my abilities of /tp being reenabled, I was able to fight alongside the campers and got to witness firsthand the sheer power of teamwork Shimmer city had established over the week.
Before I knew it, it was day time and Broadcast formally announced a surrender from the locals of the amazon and accepting our colony as the official amazon inhabitants!
What an exciting development, I’m so proud!
It looks like all of this week’s work wasn’t for nothing-- but I had no time to be impressed!
The campers took me to the portal to the rooftops and gave me a pair of elytras… then they taught me how to fly!

While today was full of victory, triumph, skill and bravery, who knows what tomorrow may hold for us!
Congratulations today, Shimmer City!
Each and every one of you did a great job of defeating the enemy locals being controlled by Broadcast!
Let’s make our last day of camp a great one!

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