About the Survival Bazaar category


Welcome to the Survival Bazaar Forum! The Bazaar is a place of trade where we gather resources, buy, sell, and trade to accumulate wealth and other goods we can use later.Here you can share pictures of your time at the Bazaar, negotiate prices, add to the job board, and chat business or whatever with your fellow merchants.

[photo of bazaar]

More about it:

  • This category is for Bazaar-related talks only. If you have something to share about the other Connected Camps clubs or programs, please locate the relevant forum on the main page.

  • Here you can talk in detail about Bazaar-related business, be it sharing a funny picture of something happening on the trade floor, showing off your shop, or making business deals with other campers. You can also share info about the Wilds if you want to (although you may want to keep your best resource mines a secret).

  • Regular chat rules apply. Keep language polite and free of swears/curses. Pictures should be of the server ONLY. Do not share real names, locations, or photos of anything outside of the game.

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